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Vehicle Inspection Instruction


Hands on full inspection training. Drivers are graded on how well they are able to complete a maintenance checklist, and training will continue until they understand how to do it properly. More of an inspection instruction than a maintenance instruction. Teaching the how, and why to get driver buy in.

New Driver Orientation


We develop a presentation that’s customized to your

company’s needs, and then take each driver through the process as they come on board.

New/Pre-Hire Evaluations


Including observation and behind the wheel. (We will provide a summary of strengths and weakness, and  an objective opinion for each potential hire)

Assist in creating Disciplinary Policies

We will create a disciplinary policy for you that fits your needs and is based on objective criteria.

Safety Meeting Presentations


We conduct presentations specifically tailored to the needs of your drivers that continue to build on and enforce safety compliance knowledge and skills.

Impartial Committee Member


Driven To Safety will sit as an impartial member of your accident review committee. We will review all aspects of the accident, and present our findings on causation and preventability to your review committee without having a bias towards the company or the driver.

Compliance Violations


We will bring to your attention any compliance issues that become apparent during our training, and offer suggestions to correct potential violations.

Refresher Training for Returning Drivers

Get your returning drivers up to speed on regulatory and industry changes.

Inspection Instruction


Drivers that perform proper inspections have fewer roadside inspection violations, and less roadside breakdowns. We will teach your drivers how to perform a full and proper vehicle inspection, and why doing so is critical for them as well as you.

Orientation Presentations


Getting newly hired drivers off on the right foot is critical. Driven To Safety offers presentations to address many common topics, or we can custom build a presentation to suit any specific topics you would like discussed.

Defensive Driving Techniques


Change your drivers’ mindsets to search for hazards rather than just avoiding them when they happen.

Post-Accident Counseling and Retraining

Comprehensive evaluation to determine the root cause so that measures can be taken to prevent future accidents.

Accident Preparedness Training
Prepare your drivers to handle an extremely stressful situation professionally, while gathering the required and necessary information to prevent additional loss.
Accident Committee Membership

Having an impartial member on an accident review committee is important to ensure an objective assessment. We provide a bias-free evaluation to determine the root cause of an accident, and whether or  not it was preventable.

Hours Of Service Instruction


Full HOS training for drivers from novice level to experienced. Following training, drivers will be given practice exercises in order for the trainer to be able to evaluate what they have learned.  Additional monitoring and follow-up is available, including individual driver coaching to address specific issues as required.

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