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Our background covers decades in the trucking industry, and gives us the depth of experience to interact effectively with all member of your organization.  Our professionals have experience as owner/operators, driving school instructors and program managers, and safety office personnel at the manager and director level.  Being truly passionate about our training, Driven to Safety possesses the knowledge, experience, and ability to earn your driver’s trust and buy-in.  By communicating effective lessons and following up with individual coaching, we will help to improve the overall safety and compliance of your driving force.


We will improve your company’s profitability, reduce your CSA scores, and decrease accident frequency by training drivers to be safe, responsible, DOT compliant professionals.

What Sets Us Apart

We know that CSA scores are fundamentally driver dependent, so we focus on your drivers.  Driver compliance is key to making a difference in your safety record.  Our team is particularly effective as trainers and coaches because we can relate to the daily challenges faced by drivers on the road due to years of personal experience.  We’ve been there and we understand the pressures faced by drivers, and the ways they may find to work around them.  Because of our ability to relate and successfully communicate with drivers, we build trusting relationships that encourage drivers to actually listen, learn, and ultimately want to be accountable for themselves where safety compliance is concerned.


Along with our ability to relate to drivers, our years of experience in the safety office allows us to fully understand the challenges of CSA from the company’s perspective.  We know the issues surrounding responsibility and liability that companies face, and appreciate just how important safety compliance really is to a company’s bottom line.  We believe that accountability is key.  To that end, we closely look at multiple areas of safety measurement to determine where your company’s specific problems areas are, and then work with the groups or individuals responsible – whether drivers, maintenance personnel, dispatch or management.  Our goal is to help you make meaningful improvement to your company’s safety record, and by fulfilling the requirements of CSA, to help you run your business as effectively as possible.


Driven to Safety offers driver focused services that complement and expand on other DOT compliance consulting services, and that support the function of  your company’s existing safety personnel.  We specialize in helping your company:


  • Post-audit

  • Post-accident

  • As a supplement to your existing safety program

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