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Get your company on the road to success

Evaluate. Train. Retain.


Our background covers decades in the trucking industry. Being truly passionate about our training, Driven To Safety possesses the knowledge, 

experience, and ability to reach your drivers to earn their trust and buy in. We communicate effective lessons that will help improve the overall safety and 

compliance of your driving force.


We will improve your company’s profitability, reduce your CSA

scores, and decrease accident frequency by training drivers to be safe, thorough, DOT compliant professionals.

  • New/ pre-hire evaluations including observation and behind the wheel

  • Inspection instructing

  • Hours Of Service training for returning drivers

  • Refresher training for returning drivers

  • Orientation presentations

  • Safety Meeting presentations

  • Defensive Driving techniques

  • Post-accident counseling and retraining

  • Sit as an impartial member of accident committees

  • Accident Scene preparedness training

  • Assist in creating disciplinary policies

  • Compliance violations observed

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